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June 16, 2021

Meet Beck Crum. The youngest Partner on Team Piada, Beck is a force to be reckoned with. From Chef, to Senior Chef, to the Partner of our Hilliard, OH restaurant, Beck leads with empathy, guiding his Team with their wellbeing top-of-mind. His compassion, not just for his Team Members but for his family, is what sets him apart. Beck puts people first.

Beck is a seasoned restaurant professional, quickly gaining experience in the fast casual space post-high school. Inspired by Piada’s company culture, Beck is approaching his four year anniversary on the team this September, with no plans of slowing down.

“There’s just so much opportunity for everyone at Piada, not just in management positions. There is a great sense of community here, and I do my part to foster that.”

Beck oversees dozens of Piada Team Members. His face lights up every time he talks about his team, a look into what motivates him inside and outside of the restaurant.

“Every Friday morning, we host a breakfast around one of our long tables. We eat breakfast together and all sit down for at least 45 minutes and hang out before starting our day. It’s a way to check in and make sure my team understands that they have value and that everything they do here is important.”

Beck works hard to foster a supportive work environment, where all Team Members, regardless of their background, understand they’re valued.

“Humans are humans. It doesn’t really matter where you came from, what you are, who you are. Understanding that everybody has something to bring to the table, that’s really important.”

Beck understands the importance of leading a happy team. He knows that happy Team Members trickle down to a better Guest experience.

“Word of mouth is really powerful. When you provide a really great Guest experience, people say to their friends and family, ‘oh hey, check out this spot, the people there are really friendly and the food is awesome.’ That impacts how I lead my restaurant.”

In his free time, Beck enjoys exploring Dublin with his family, where he can be found riding bikes, golfing, country line dancing at Flannagan’s on Friday nights or meeting with a tattoo artist at Envy Skin, collaborating on a new tattoo for his sleeve.

“All of my tattoos have meaning to me. On my left arm there is a molecule of testosterone. I’m transgender, and that’s why I got this tattoo, because it was a meaningful part of my life and when I started my transition. On my right arm is a lion. My wife is a Leo and I wanted to get something for her.”

Beck is a family man through and through. He actually met his wife in the restaurant industry. She recently joined the Piada Team herself, and now they’re Piada’s newest power couple. For Beck, spending time with her and her family is one life’s greatest pleasures.

“The most important thing for me is just hanging out with my wife, Lily, and her family. I really respect that quality time with them because time is short and you gotta make sure you’re around for the ones you love.”

With a score of professional accomplishments and clear goals ahead of him, Beck lives his life by this motto:
“You have to be relentlessly passionate about what you do, and if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, you might as well find something else that you will be passionate about and go do that. Finding that one thing you excel at and going after it and not giving up is what’s going to make you happiest.”

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