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Create a group order if you're ordering for many people. Each person you invite will receive a link and will be able to add items to your bag. Once everyone has added their items, checkout your bag and pay in the store.

Gift Cards

At Piada Italian Street Food we have a variety of gift cards and promotional cards to help ‘spread the Piada love’ with new guests and communities. Below is an overview of the various cards and how to check the balance of each.

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Gift Cards

$10 Holiday Bonus Card

Thanks for being a loyal Piada Guest. Enjoy $10 on us! (select markets)

$25 Bonus Card

Thanks for being a loyal Piada guest. Enjoy $25 on us!

Community Card

$25 donation cards distributed throughout the community. Given to local non-profits for fundraisers and events.

Gift Card

Gift card purchased in-store.

Retail Gift Card

Purchased at local grocery stores. Often these can show zero balance after leaving the store, which indicates that the store did not correctly activate it. Please check with your place of purchase if this is an issue.

We Goofed

Sometimes we make mistakes…and this is a small gesture for us to make it up to you.