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Host a fundraiser with Piada Italian Street Food

At this time we have reached our capacity for fundraisers and are no longer accepting submissions. We'll begin accepting new requests again in May 2021. Thank you for understanding.

How our fundraising works

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On a pre-selected date and time, your supporters join us to enjoy a delicious meal with their family and friends. Guests can choose to dine in or take their food to-go. Catering orders will count towards event totals.

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We provide your organization with a marketing flyer PDF to distribute to your supporters. The more buzz you build, the more attendees you’ll see, and the more you’ll stand to raise.

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Piada will donate 20% of sales from your attendees back to your organization. Payment will be made via check, 30 days post event. Organizations must meet minimum $150 in total sales to receive a check.

Think your group is a fit? If you can answer these questions with a yes, let's talk!

  • Are you a 501(c)(3) organization?
  • Can you commit to bringing in at least 50 supporters?
  • Do your supporters live within 5 miles of our restaurant?
  • Do you have a solid promotional plan to spread the word to ensure a great turnout?