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Piada Sessions // Farmers Market Salad

Our spring + summer menu arrives 4/25. Get a sneak peek of our all-new menu here.

Do we go to Farmers Markets?

Who has time?

Is one close by?

Or if not close by, is it good?

When does stuff grow?

Why can’t I get great tomatoes in June? 

Fact of the matter is, as connected as we are today to food, cooking, preparation, gardens, travel, food destinations, local, sustainable, organic, biodynamic, etc., most people still don’t grasp that great heirloom tomatoes aren’t available in the Midwest until August without some help… or distance. 

We are used to convenience. We expect it.   

But what does happen, is that in February, the Coachella Valley (no they didn’t name the valley after the music festival) begins producing some of the most sweet, tender corn available all year. The migration continues north during the next few months and then east as we get into summer. 

Avocados mature in the West Central Region of Michoacán, in central Mexico. Then California begins its harvest. 

Strawberries start in California, then Florida, then to a upick farm near you. 

The earth wakes up, days get warmer and longer, the gym gets busier and people look forward to when they can shed some clothes and be in the world the way it feels best.  

That’s the promise of the Farmers Market Salad - Corn, Avocados, Strawberries, at their peak. Freshly Grilled Chicken Tenderloin tossed with lemon and fresh basil dressing, made just for you, right when you order. 

You actually taste the freshness of this salad as you enjoy it. 

Summer means a lot of different things to people, depending on where you live in this great big country of ours. To Piada, it means we get to work with some of our favorite ingredients to bring you one great classic summer salad.

Enjoy the season!

Chef Matt