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Piada Spotlight | Jaci Kincaid

Meet Jaci. Dog lover, hustler and kickass Chef in the kitchen. Since joining Team Piada in 2016, Jaci has worked her way up from Chef to Partner in one of our newest Pittsburgh restaurants.

Jaci is passionate about growing as a leader and is always learning new skills and working hard to connect with her Team, while adapting to their individual needs. She believes in bringing out the best in others.

“A good leader should be able to know how each of their Team Members need managed. I'm not going to approach you or teach you the same way I'd approach another Team Member when I know that you learn one way and they might be receptive to something completely different.”

At Piada, Genuine Hospitality is one of our core pillars; something that comes naturally to Jaci.

“Whether it's hospitality towards the Guest or Team Members, I always try to be empathetic, welcoming, and open with everyone.”

Jaci’s commitment to quality management and the Guest experience helped her quickly climb the ranks at Piada. In fact, she is now managing her own Piada restaurant just three years after joining the Piada family.

“My proudest moment at Piada was being promoted to Partner. I still have so much more I can learn and do, so it’s really motivating and also rewarding to look forward to what the future holds for me.”

Jaci moved to Pittsburgh five years ago and fell in love with its beautiful parks, bridges, breweries, architecture and history.

“You really don’t learn to love it until you’re here and can explore it on your own time. Those who haven’t explored Pittsburgh have no idea of how beautiful and awesome it is.”

Jaci is grateful to share her awesome experiences in Pittsburgh with her two dogs, Wally and Jovie, and her wife Abby.

“I guess this is cliché, but my wife never fails to put a smile on my face. No matter what stresses we went through that day or how frustrated we are, we know exactly how to level each other out.”

On their days off, Jaci, Abby, Wally and Jovi can be found hiking in the woods, building bonfires, getting off the grid for a while and enjoying some fresh air and relaxation. 

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