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To our valued Guests,

Showing Genuine Hospitality is one of our core values here at Piada, so that means we genuinely love taking care of the Guests who walk through our doors. But in today's get-whatever-in-one-click world, more and more people are choosing to enjoy our food outside of our restaurants — and we think these carryout Guests deserve Genuine Hospitality too.

This made us rethink everything

We took a long hard look at ourselves, our processes, and your feedback, and we mapped out four distinct ways to create a next-level carryout experience: speed, convenience, accessibility, and accuracy.

Speed: First, we made meaningful technology investments that cut your wait time in half.

Convenience: Next, we installed Grab & Go shelves to help you get in and get out — without speaking to anyone (if you don't want to).

Accessibility: We added delivery as a choice at and expanded our network by adding Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Favor.

Accuracy: And last, we put double and triple checks in place to get your order right each and every time.

We can't promise to be perfect. But together, we're getting better. Every day.

Matt Harding Signature

Matt Harding, Executive Chef

Offer expires 11/4/18