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Frequently Asked Questions

Piada Rewards is our way of thanking our Guests for continuing to dine with us. Each time you place an order with a full-priced adult entrée, you earn 5 points that are credited to your account, which turn into $5 off an order after earning 15 points. There is a daily maximum of two visits (earning up to 10 points per day).

If you are placing a catering order, you'll earn $10 for every $100 spent. There is a daily maximum of $2,000 spent (earning up to $200 in rewards).

Points can be earned by placing an order in the mobile app, online, or in a store. When you place an order in the mobile app or online, all you have to do is be logged in and you will automatically receive points after your order is placed. If you are ordering in a store, scan your Piada Rewards barcode (available in your account). It's that easy!

Joining the Piada Rewards program is as simple as creating an account, or signing into your existing account, then visiting your rewards page in your account details to get your digital pass. After that, continue enjoying Piada and get rewarded!

The Piada One Rewards program is designed to not have many limitations, however there are just a few:

  • To earn points on an order, a reward can't be on that check. If a $5 reward has been added, it is not eligible to receive points. Additionally, points can't be earned when there is a discount on the check, such as a BOGO or the Student Special.
  • $5 rewards can't be combined with other offers, such as a BOGO or the Student Special.
  • If you do not want to use your Catering Rewards on a catering order, please let your Catering Representative know in advance. Once used, rewards cannot be returned.

Every loyalty program is set up a bit different! At Piada, when you use your $5 reward, the discount is applied across the entire check. All items on your receipt are reduced by a percentage of that discount vs. a flat $5. This can make it a little difficult to confirm that the reward has actually been applied if you're only looking at the total cost of the check.

In order to see if your $5 reward did get applied correctly, cross-check the cost of the items you ordered with the price of those items on the the menu.

For example, our Piada stick normally costs $2.99, but on your order it should be reduced by some percentage so you pay less than $2.99. Likewise, each other line item on the check should be reduced in price so that the total discount equals $5.

If you still believe your $5 reward has been incorrectly applied, reach out to for assistance!

The two most common reasons that your email and password may not let you log in are that the password being used is incorrect, or that the account hasn't been created yet on or the Piada One mobile app.

If the password is incorrect, you can have it reset by following the link to the Forgot Password page where you can get instructions on resetting your password.

You can always try registering a new account if you aren't sure whether or not you have a account yet. If you do, you'll get a message saying that your email address is already in use. If you do not, you'll have just done everything needed to get your first $5!

The mobile app is a great way to place your order, but you can earn points toward rewards anywhere. When you place an order online, all you have to do is be logged in and you will automatically receive your points after your order is placed. If you are ordering in a store, scan your Piada Rewards barcode (available in your account).

Rewards can be redeemed by selecting "Reward Available" then "Apply Reward" when ordering in the Piada Express app, or when ordering online. If you're at a store and want to use your $5, just scan your barcode like usual and it will automatically be applied as long as your order is at least $5.

If you have multiple rewards available, they will be applied to your order in full increments of $5 — that way you don't lose out on any partial rewards! For example, if you have 2 rewards available, and your check total comes to $8.99, only one $5 reward will be used, leaving a balance of $3.99 that can be paid as normal.

At this time it is only possible to use all of your available rewards at once. If you have more dollars in rewards than your order's total, only full increments of $5 will be used.

Your barcode will automatically apply your rewards, but is not associated with a traditional form of payment. If you have a remaining balance on the order, you will need to pay through conventional means.

As you gain points, and earn rewards, your points progress will reset to 0 whenever you earn a reward. For example, when you are at 10/15 points, the next time you make an applicable visit, you will earn 5 points. This resets your total back to 0/15 and adds a reward to your account.

You can receive credit for your visit by uploading a copy of your receipt on the Submit Receipt page.

At this time we can only award points for orders that were placed through our website, our mobile app, or in-store.